The AHIP Medicare + Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Certification is administered by America’s Health Insurance Plans, a trade association of insurance providers whose stated mission is to “improve and protect the health and financial security of consumers, families, businesses, communities and the nation.” They facilitate and administer annual testing for Medicare agents.

Most insurance carriers require completion of AHIP’s yearly certification before they will allow agents to sell their products, and some also require additional carrier-specific training.

The standard cost of AHIP certification is $175. Click here for a $50 discount.

Failing a carrier’s certification will prohibit you from selling their plans for the next plan year. It may also result in the loss of earned renewals.

Be sure to visit AHIP Certification Central and click on the carrier’s logo to see full AHIP certification and re-certification details.

You must re-certify with AHIP each year. You can recertify via a carrier link for the discounted $125 rate as long as you are an agent in good standing.

To pass the AHIP test, you must score at least 90%.

Since the test is updated each year, it’s unlikely that any answers you find online will be up-to-date or accurate. The AHIP certification exam is open book, however.

In addition to the Medicare Training Course, AHIP also offers modules in Medicare Fraud, Waste, and Abuse (FWA) and CMS General Compliance. You’ll need to complete all sections successfully before receiving certification.

The AHIP test itself is timed (you have 2 hours to complete the final exam), but the training modules you’ll be given prior to your test are not timed. They can take up to several hours to complete depending on how familiar you are with the material.

The test includes 50 questions, and you have two hours to complete your exam.

Most carriers require AHIP before you can take their specific certification to sell their Medicare Advantage or PDP plans. While there are a few exceptions, it is highly recommended that you complete the AHIP Certification if you plan to sell Medicare Advantage or PDP plans.

If you’ve already passed this year’s exam by logging in through a carrier portal, you don’t need to retake the test for additional carriers. Instead, you can transmit your scores directly from your AHIP account.

You can also log into the carrier site where you would like your score transmitted, use their internal links to connect to AHIP’s website, then transmit your score.

Once you’ve completed your test on the AHIP website, you will receive a link to a printable copy of your certificate. If you’ve used a carrier discount link, you’ll be shown a link to transmit your results to the carrier.

Carriers often have specific methods they prefer you to use when navigating the AHIP courses, so be sure to read the information provided by the carrier carefully.